Duncan Run Patch Ride

A perfect day for a bike ride!

After all the hot and humid weather, Saturday July 9th turned out to be perfect – not too hot, not too humid, and a little bit of breeze – wonderful weather for the 189 bicycle riders who turned out for the 6th annual Duncan's Run Patch Ride.
 ​If riders got in trouble on the routes, SAG drivers Jodie Erickson and Sean Erickson were out driving and re-driving the routes looking for any riders in trouble. There were a few minor mishaps – a fall, a broken derailleur (and she kept riding), popped chain, etc., but nothing major (for which everyone is grateful.)
Riders arrived at the Beltz Retreat on Harlem Road early where the registration crew from Harlem Township Heritage – Diana Robertson, Michelle Solomon, and Jessie Kaminsky - was waiting. While most of the riders chose the mid length 60 mile route, 50 brave souls registered for the 75 mile route that took them via the back roads to Branstool Orchard in Utica, but down the nasty hill on US 62 in Utica instead of up, a change this year.
Riders on all the routes except the short 15 mile one, stopped at the rest stop at the Condit Presbyterian Church at least once. The rest stop there was set up and manned by Val Pedersen of HTH and John Whitney and friends from the church. The Utica rest stop was manned by Vicki Tieche and Cheryl Alicie of HTH. At the rest stops riders were able to fill up their water bottles with water or Gatorade, have an extra drink, eat a PB&J sandwich, a banana, grapes, or watermelon, and have a couple homemade cookies. The snacks were much appreciated. Also appreciated were the cold, wet towels available at the stops for wiping down hot faces and necks – the riders really like those.

All in all it was another very successful ride, directed once again by Tom Nied. Riders are very complimentary of our ride and say we do everything right. They also appreciate the low entry fee; low for them but enough for us to raise several thousand dollars, which is invested in Harlem Township in free to the community attractions at Harlem Township Days – a win-win situation.
 When the riders returned to Beltz at the end of the ride if they were in the first hundred registered, they received a commemorative patch (this year a fall picture on Duncan Run Road) and a many course lunch. Lurley Hernandez prepared BBQ sandwiches and baked beans for the riders, Amber Mitchell made some tasty mac and cheese, and several people made salads (six in all) to feed the hungry troops. There was also watermelon and more things to drink. The lunch crowd stayed around and talked and/or listened to Arnett Howard the featured lunch-time entertainment.
 There was a problem at lunch – the electrical service at the Beltz Retreat was apparently not enough to handle multiple roasters from the Grange Hall and Arnett's amplifiers. After many attempts to keep things going, the lunch went on in the dark.
  1. Registration
  2. Prepping for lunch
  3. Happy Riders
  4. Getting ready to eat lunch
  5. Enjoying lunch after a day's bike ride