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2003 historical booklet is out of print, hopefully will be available late in 2019


  1. $30.00
    Written by Vicki Tieche for Harlem Township's celebration of the Ohio Bicentennial. 400 pages.
    2003 History of Harlem Township

Booklets - History

  1. $3.00
    Original grants of portions of the township by the US government, information of interest, and transfer lists to 1820.
    1. Original Land Grants
  2. $3.00
    Genealogical records of the settlers here by 1810, their offspring, and sometimes the next generation.
    2. 200 Year Families
  3. $3.00
    About the wives of the settlers here by 1810 and what they might have had to endure
    3. First Ladies
  4. $5.00
    Relationships of Harlem Township’s early settlers to each other and to others in this area (2012)
    4. Cousins
  5. $5.00
    Relationship of Harlem Township to Plain Township from beginnings of the two (2015)
    5. The Ties that Bind
  6. $5.00
    Stories and pictures of grocery stores that have existed in the township over the past 150 years.
    6. Harlem Township Stores
  7. $10.00
    The life of Richard Thompson, a Revolutionary War soldier who came to Harlem Township in 1808.
    7. Richard W. Thompson, Patriot

Booklets - Township Involvement in Wars

  1. $3.00
    Military records of the ten confirmed and some information on the three unconfirmed veterans.
    8. Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Harlem Township
  2. $3.00
    Enlistments by men in the township, what was happening in the war when they were in service .
    9. War of 1812
  3. $3.00
    We only have one confirmed veteran so a lot of the booklet is general information.
    10. War with Mexico
  4. $10.00
    Letters written home to Mary Haycook of Center Village from the war, Durling Diary, about Harlem Township’s soldiers and losses (2011).
    11. Civil War Memories
  5. $5.00
    Information on the soldiers from Harlem Township in both of these conflicts (2011).
    12. Spanish-American War & World War I
  6. $10.00
    Records from The Sunbury News about our soldiers for all of the war years, memories from two of our soldiers, service information on all our soldiers – over 100 pages (late 2010) .
    13. Harlem Township in World War II
  7. $3.00
    Service information and burial locations of those who served.
    14. Civil War

Booklets - Nature/Science/Industry Topics

  1. $3.00
    General information about native habitation based on artifact findings within the township.
    15. Native Americans
  2. $3.00
    Visual key to identifying our trees and a bit about big trees.
    16. Trees & Big Trees
  3. $3.00
    About our creeks, water quality, stream quality monitoring, and life forms found in our creeks, illustrated.
    17. What Lives in Our Creeks
  4. $5.00
    Stone quarries, use of the stone, clay pits, home-made bricks, mills, early industry in Harlem Township and those who created it (2013).
    18. Stone and Clay, a firm foundation
  5. $3.00
    The Ohio Hit List of the 20 worst invasive plants plus a list of all our other non-native plants - with illustrations.
    19. Invasive Plants

Booklets -  For younger readers (fifth grade reading level)

  1. $3.00
    Fact based, illustrated stories about Native American days .
    20. Before Time
  2. $3.00
    About the Cook children who arrived in 1807 and what life might have been like for them (illustrated).
    21. Children in the Wilderness
  3. $3.00
    Simplified overview of most of the other books prepared in 2010 (illustrated) .
    22. My Harlem Township

Booklets -  Cemeteries

  1. $3.00
    Readings (including epitaphs and maps) of Center Village, Cockrell (lost), and Harlem Cemeteries.
    23. Cemetery A
  2. $3.00
    Same as above for Hanover, Hunt, and Wickizer (lost).
    24. Cemetery B
  3. $10.00
    Same as above for Fancher-Maple Grove $10.00
    25. Cemetery C

Booklets -  Schools

  1. $10.00
    Prepared by Phyllis Davidson - the school records portion of the township records she put together.
    26. One Room Schools

Booklets -  Memories

  1. $3.00
    Songs sung by the Harlem Township girls in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
    27. Tandakiya Camp Fire Song Book
  2. $5.00
    Poetry about Harlem Township by George Dell who lived here from 1941 to 1992 (2011).
    28. Haunts & Memories