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Great news!
The 2003 Harlem Township History prepared for the Ohio Bicentennial which was out of print is once again available as a paperback on Amazon.com.
The book has all the information in it that was there in 2003 plus all the pages taken out in 2003 to cut down the size have been put back in and a section added at the end with the updates since 2003 (Bicentennial, Cook Marker, Big Tree, etc.)  plus - all the pictures that were color pictures are now in color. Price is $60.00. If you're interested in buying a copy or know someone who is, the link is below.  


  1. $60.00
    Written by Vicki Tieche for Harlem Township's celebration of the Ohio Bicentennial. 400 pages.
    2003 History of Harlem Township

Booklets - History

  1. $3.00
    Original grants of portions of the township by the US government, information of interest, and transfer lists to 1820.
    1. Original Land Grants
  2. $3.00
    Genealogical records of the settlers here by 1810, their offspring, and sometimes the next generation.
    2. 200 Year Families
  3. $3.00
    About the wives of the settlers here by 1810 and what they might have had to endure
    3. First Ladies
  4. $5.00
    Relationships of Harlem Township’s early settlers to each other and to others in this area (2012)
    4. Cousins
  5. $5.00
    Relationship of Harlem Township to Plain Township from beginnings of the two (2015)
    5. The Ties that Bind
  6. $5.00
    Stories and pictures of grocery stores that have existed in the township over the past 150 years.
    6. Harlem Township Stores
  7. $10.00
    The life of Richard Thompson, a Revolutionary War soldier who came to Harlem Township in 1808.
    7. Richard W. Thompson, Patriot

Booklets - Township Involvement in Wars

  1. $3.00
    Military records of the ten confirmed and some information on the three unconfirmed veterans.
    8. Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Harlem Township
  2. $3.00
    Enlistments by men in the township, what was happening in the war when they were in service .
    9. War of 1812
  3. $3.00
    We only have one confirmed veteran so a lot of the booklet is general information.
    10. War with Mexico
  4. $10.00
    Letters written home to Mary Haycook of Center Village from the war, Durling Diary, about Harlem Township’s soldiers and losses (2011).
    11. Civil War Memories
  5. $5.00
    Information on the soldiers from Harlem Township in both of these conflicts (2011).
    12. Spanish-American War & World War I
  6. $10.00
    Records from The Sunbury News about our soldiers for all of the war years, memories from two of our soldiers, service information on all our soldiers – over 100 pages (late 2010) .
    13. Harlem Township in World War II
  7. $3.00
    Service information and burial locations of those who served.
    14. Civil War

Booklets - Nature/Science/Industry Topics

  1. $3.00
    General information about native habitation based on artifact findings within the township.
    15. Native Americans
  2. $3.00
    Visual key to identifying our trees and a bit about big trees.
    16. Trees & Big Trees
  3. $3.00
    About our creeks, water quality, stream quality monitoring, and life forms found in our creeks, illustrated.
    17. What Lives in Our Creeks
  4. $5.00
    Stone quarries, use of the stone, clay pits, home-made bricks, mills, early industry in Harlem Township and those who created it (2013).
    18. Stone and Clay, a firm foundation
  5. $3.00
    The Ohio Hit List of the 20 worst invasive plants plus a list of all our other non-native plants - with illustrations.
    19. Invasive Plants

Booklets -  For younger readers (fifth grade reading level)

  1. $3.00
    Fact based, illustrated stories about Native American days .
    20. Before Time
  2. $3.00
    About the Cook children who arrived in 1807 and what life might have been like for them (illustrated).
    21. Children in the Wilderness
  3. $3.00
    Simplified overview of most of the other books prepared in 2010 (illustrated) .
    22. My Harlem Township

Booklets -  Cemeteries

  1. $3.00
    Readings (including epitaphs and maps) of Center Village, Cockrell (lost), and Harlem Cemeteries.
    23. Cemetery A
  2. $3.00
    Same as above for Hanover, Hunt, and Wickizer (lost).
    24. Cemetery B
  3. $10.00
    Same as above for Fancher-Maple Grove $10.00
    25. Cemetery C

Booklets -  Schools

  1. $10.00
    Prepared by Phyllis Davidson - the school records portion of the township records she put together.
    26. One Room Schools

Booklets -  Memories

  1. $3.00
    Songs sung by the Harlem Township girls in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
    27. Tandakiya Camp Fire Song Book
  2. $5.00
    Poetry about Harlem Township by George Dell who lived here from 1941 to 1992 (2011).
    28. Haunts & Memories